Can you tell us a little about yourself? Hey! I'm Jalinar, current editor for Chronicles of Tyria, a fan site dedicated to fan stories about Guild Wars 2 How long have you been playing Guild Wars 2? Been playing since the first Beta Weekend What is your main profession? Elementalist, since Guild Wars 1. Loving Tempest specialization at the moment Do you like what is going on in HoT so far? I'm liking it more since the latest QoL patch that removed a lot of the unnecessary grind. Managed to finish Nevermore, craft tons of Guild Decorations, level up scribing and make several machined weapons What is one thing you wish ANet would bring into game / what are you waiting for? Living Story Season 3. I just want all the lore I can get. Especially what happened to Mallyck Dirty advertising: what is your Twitch or YouTube name? If you have a website for folks to find you as well go ahead and tell us? You can find all our stories at http://www.chroniclesoftyria.com/. Each writers adds a chapter to its personal story every 2 weeks or so. We are also on twitter @ChroniclesTyria What your favorite game mode? I mainly hang out in PvE zone and raids these days, but I do like to venture into PvP and play some ranked matches during Leagues you could be any NPC in GW2 who would you be? I would probably be The Luminate (leader of the Exalted), to know all the Exalted's secrets and what they know about the egg/glint/elder dragons Do you consider yourself more a Skritt or Hobo-Tron? :) Skritt, definitely. My guildies are always puzzled at the gold I can make in a few days. I can find the shinies wherever they hide If you could be any Elder Dragon who would you be and why? Mordremoth. Playing mind games with people is my style Do you play any other games? If so, which? GW2 is my main game, but I'll sometimes play a few puzzles games here and there or try out a new release until I'm bored and come back to GW2 Do you think you could out-drink a real Norn? ?Maybe in a water drinking contest?