Kit the Traveler is a fan-made descendant of Nicholas Sandford, the original Traveler, who appeared in Guild Wars 1 as 
an Ascalonian traveler of the world who always travels with his dolyak friend, Professor Yakkington. He met Yakkington in 
the Northern Shiverpeaks during a snowstorm and the two managed to survive by huddling together for warmth. Before the Searing, he was in love with Mary Malone who was killed during the devastating event. Due to her death, he didn't travel for years. He is also an aspiring writer and has written a novel entitled "There with Yakkington: A Traveler's Tale."

Kit also travels with her own dolyak companion, Mr. Sprinkle Yakkington.

He and Kit have gotten into, and out of, all kinds of shenanigans. All of those can be read in the Stories section of the website.