A new story has been posted! Baking B-Word The annual bake-off is right around the corner in Lion's Arch. Dozens of contestants have entered this time around including last year's winner “Lilly Snickerbottom”. Kit decides to kick it up a notch and create a new recipe for her entry this year which she dubs “Double-Frosted Strawberry Vanilla-Choco Fudge Monstrosity”. Strawberries sit atop two layers of different-flavored frosting, covering two sponges of vanilla cake with chocolate fudge baked in the middle. “This will surely win over those stingy judges, or instantly rot their teeth. I guess we'll find out which soon enough.” Kit remarks to herself. With her entry squared away, Kit places her cake onto an open table with the rest of the submissions. “What an abysmal display. It appears my entry is set to win once again.” Lilly Snickerbottom gloats as she inspects Kit's entry. “You can't seriously expect to beat me with a smashed cake like that.” Kit narrows her eyes. “It isn't smashed, you blind fool.” Lilly “accidentally” bumps the table, sending Kit's cake crashing to the ground. “Oops!” Lilly mocked as she turned and walked around. Kit was too exhausted to beat the absolute tar out of her, and she needed to gather more frosting to remake her cake, but the store is closed and she doesn't have time to go to the town over for more! Adventurers! Kit's in some real trouble this time. She needs some frosting for her cake as soon as possible so she can finish remaking her contest entry. Send in two or more frosting flavors so Kit can add the finishing layers to her new cake. Send them to “Kit the Traveler” or “Pixie.5940”!