15 March 2019 A new story has dropped! Read below. Fast Food Kit has decided to expand her delivery business to include food! Initially, she wanted to open a restaurant and have deliveries come through there, but felt that would be too much to start with. Instead, she decided to have other people cook the food first and she can deliver it. “What a novel, original idea!” Kit thought out loud. The orders start off easy enough with smaller foods such as burgers and fries, but quickly escalate to large-scale orders made for parties. With no-one else to help with deliveries, because she didn’t hire any, it falls to Kit and Sprinkle to make all the deliveries. The unexpected turn to more large orders threw Kit off-balance and caused her to fall behind, but she and Sprinkle were able to barely scrape by. Finally, the last order of the night comes in: 50 pizzas to be delivered to Lord Faren. Tonight. The day was stressful enough and Kit wanted to call it a night. She and Sprinkle pick up the pizzas quickly and begin their rush delivery to Lord Faren. “Come on, Sprinkle, let’s take a shortcut.” Kit said, and veered Sprinkle through a narrow, winding alleyway. However, just as they’re about to exit the alley, someone began pushing a cart across, blocking the exit. Sprinkle is unable to slow down in time and crashes right through! Pizzas fly off Kit’s cart, splattering on the rocky ground, but she urged Sprinkle to continue; they had to make this last delivery on time. Only when they got close to the final destination did Kit check on the pizzas. Quite a few more pizzas were missing than she thought. “I can’t make the delivery with this!” Kit said. “If only there were some way to get things quickly without having to do it myself.” Adventurers! Kit needs help replacing some pizzas she “accidentally” dropped. Send in 5 pizzas to “Kit the Traveler” or “Pixie.5940”!