A new story has been posted! Surprise Birthday Bash! “Today is a very special day! For not only do we celebrate Kit's birthday,” Watson addressed the small back room as he turned around, looking at all the people Kit and Mr. Sprinkle have helped. “Today, it is has also been 3 years since the shop was opened!” All the guests begin to cheer, but Watson shushes them so Kit doesn’t know they are hiding back here. The two detectives, Celeste and Pear, blowing bubbles out of her pipe as usual, bring out a large birthday cake. It’s decorated with Kit’s favorite color: bright green. Its inside is filled with vanilla goodness. They place it on the long table while the rest of the crew deck out the room with strings and balloons. Mr. Sprinkle walks in and the charr bartender raises an eyebrow as he watches him continue on to the back room. Watson, upon seeing Mr. Sprinkle, says “Do no eat this cake. It’s a special cake for Kit. Also, I need you to be on your best behavior.” Mr. sprinkle hoof stomps to let Watson know he understood. The bartender shouts that she’s coming, followed shortly after by Kit walking in for a quick drink and meal; not thinking of much other than meeting Watson there to talk about monthly supplies in the store house. Kit wonders why the bar is so much darker than normal. Suddenly, cold robotic hands cover Kit’s eyes, nearly poking one. She only knows of a couple robots that would do such a thing: Bling-a-tron and Hobo-tron. “Please... be ... sure .. to watch .. your ..step.” Keeping her eyes covered, Kit is lead to a room that suspiciously smells of a stinky yak. “Why does it smell like Mr. Sprinkle?” Kit asked. Mr Sprinkle grunts under his breath. The robot’s little hands are removed and Kit looks around before everyone jumps out yelling “Surprise!” Kit smiled, happy to see everyone who’d been along her Journey. She looks at the cake, delighted at its color, and tells everyone “thank you.” Adventurers! Kit has been thrown a surprise party and there’s still plenty of room remaining for late-comers. However, there isn’t enough food and drink for too many additional guests, so be sure to bring your own! Send party favors (foods, candies, beverages, etc.) to Pixie.5940 or “Kit the Traveler”.