25 January 2019 A new story has dropped! Read below. Green Thumbs During some downtime between shipments Kit decides to sit down and eat at the “Charr and Grill”. “Disgusting!” the Asuran shouted as he shoved away the plate. “How is it possible that you’ve messed up creating a simple salad? It’s warm and greasy and…is this an acorn?” The Charr, Pepper, slams his fists on the table and retaliates, “You came to a meat restaurant and asked for a salad. This is what we have!” The Asuran throws up his nose, “Well, I’m not paying for it! Perhaps you should learn to do your jobs instead of insulting customers!” He storms out of the restaurant following his tirade. Pepper growls but notices a few other customers in line followed the Asuran out the door, mumbling about the treatment of customers and lack of choice in foods. He retreats back to the kitchen, huffing and pouting. “More customers asking for salad?” Salt asked after noticing Pepper storm in. “Yes.” Pepper growled out of the corner of his mouth. “And they didn’t like it?” Salt asked. “No.” Pepper growled again. “Not even the acorns?” Salt continued. “Especially not the acorns!” Pepper shouted. “The acorns were our secret weapon and he practically spit it in my face! I told you we needed to get some help on this. Making salad is near impossible and we need an expert.” “We don’t need to pay someone to tell us how to do our jobs! How hard could making a salad possibly be?” Salt shouted back. The two Charr continue to bicker until they hear the door to the kitchen open and slam closed. Kit stood there, arms crossed, with a questioning look on her face. “Kit!” the two Charr said, surprised. Pepper continued, “Thank goodness you’re here. We’re in a real bind here. I’m trying to convince Salt that making salad here is next to impossible, but he won’t listen. He insists I try to make this leafy nonsense for people and won’t hire outside help.” “We don’t need outside help! But, you know, since you’re here, Kit…” Salt responded. Kit sighed loudly. “I just wanted to have some lunch. No, salads are not impossible to make and yes you do need to hire more people here. You can’t run a restaurant by yourselves the entire time. Look, I’ll help you this once with this, but you’re comp’ing my meals for the next month and you’re hiring more people.” Kit demanded. The two Charr mulled over it for a moment, but reluctantly agreed to Kit’s demands. “Fine, but Butterfingers here needs more tutoring than me.” Salt stated, which only prompted more arguing and bickering. Adventurers! Kit has agreed to help the Charr and Grill with coming up with some salad choices to add to their menu, but has no ingredients to teach them with. Send in 5 fruits and/or vegetables to “Kit the Traveler” or Pixie.5940.