10 January 2020 Finally! A new story and the first of the year!

Everything has been rather quiet in the lives of Kit and Mr. Sprinkle for the last few months. The business has been going smoothly, deliveries make their destinations on time, and not even the Mad King accosted the duo this year. Kit and Sprinkle have been utterly bored with the day-in, day-out routine, but eventually grew accustomed to it.

They’ve just returned to Lion’s Arch for the final delivery of the month. The Order of Whispers were throwing a swanky party at their Headquarters and had ordered quite a lot of wine. The wine didn’t need to be there until tomorrow morning, so Kit and Sprinkle packed the wagon into the warehouse and collapsed into their respective bed and pile of hay.

A loud crash jolted Kit from her sleep. She rushed outside and ran to the warehouse only to find Sprinkle still fast asleep, but with one large difference: there were no wine barrels! “Sprinkle! Wake up!” Kit shouted. She ran over to Sprinkle and shook him as hard. Sprinkle shot up, knocking Kit away and looked for threats as if he was under attack.

“Sprinkle! You’re never gonna believe this, but someone stole all the wine while we were sleeping! Isn’t that great?” Kit said. Sprinkle looked at her puzzlingly. “I mean, uh, that’s terrible! Oh no, someone stole some wine we were supposed to deliver. What ever will we do?” Kit asked with obvious feigned worry, but she couldn’t hide her smile.

Adventurers! It looks like Kit and Sprinkle got themselves into yet another predicament. If they don’t get that wine replaced and delivered to the Order of Whispers, who knows what will happen? Send in 5 items of wine (or alcohol in general) to Pixie.5940 or “Kit the Traveler” in-game!

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