A new story has been posted! A Friend In Need The night is especially dark this evening. Clouds block the moonlight; travelers' torches cast an flimsy circle of light, as if a void is just barely being kept at bay. The hairs on Kit's neck stand on end, but she ignores it and continues reading her book. Knock knock knock! A rasping at the door startles Kit and snatches her attention. She sits still, staring at the door. Bang bang bang! The knocking turns into a fist banging at the door. Kit gets up and grabs a dinner knife, then makes her way to the door. She reaches for the door handle, grabs it, and quickly swings it open. "Trick or treat!" three costumed children shout, holding open bags in outstretched arms. One boy is dressed as a skritt, the other as a pirate. The third child, a little girl, is dressed as a pink quaggan. "Oh my. The costumes are extra spooky this year!" Kit says. She dumps a handful of candy into each bag. "Would you kids like a slice of pumpkin pie?" "Gross!" the two boys say. They run away giggling. The little girl stayed behind and simply shook her head "yes". Kit smiled and cut her a slice of pie. The girl smiled, took it, and began to run off. Off in the distance Kit heard a woman's voice. "What do you say when someone gives you something?" she said. The little girl spun around and shouted "Thank you!" and turned back to catch up with the two boys, who also shouted a "thank you" to Kit. Kit waved them off and went back inside to continue reading her book. No sooner did she sit down than when another knock came to the door. Kit answered the door again. "I wonder what spooky costumes await me this-" Kit's voice caught in her throat; her smile quickly faded. "Hello Kit. So wonderful to see you again." Mad King Thorn stood before her. "What do you want?" Kit stammered as she reached for her knife. "Your help." Thorn answered. Kit stopped, dumbfounded. "You see, every year I come by and play my hilarious pranks. Be it turning some candy corn into a golem or lighting some pumpkins on fire." Upon reciting those pranks, a tiny candy corn golem jumps out of Kit's bowl of candy and her carved pumpkin catches on fire. "Wait a minute! That was you-" Kit interrupted. "Don't interrupt. It's rude!" Thorn said. "Anyway, the old pranks are getting, well, old. I want to come up with something new. Something original! That's where I need your help, Kit. I need you to help me come up with an original prank." "Why in the world would I help you?" Kit asks. A pained expression draws across Thorn's pumpkin head. "Come on, Kit. Have I ever asked you for anything before?" he asks. "Well, technically no, but-" Kit started. "Then help me out here! I've run out of ideas and I'm having trouble coming up with something new before Halloween ends. I've already set someone's front door on fire after throwing a bag of poop at it." A flaming paper bag suddenly slams into Kit's door and lands with a sickening squelch. "I've smashed all the ornaments in one man's yard. Ho-ho boy was he mad!" Kit's Halloween ornaments combust into tiny flames. "Oh, then I turned all the candy in this woman's bowl into spiders. I've never heard anyone scream so loud!" Kit looked to her bowl of candy, now filled with tiny spiders pouring over the edges. "Then I got pretty bored and threw some rotten eggs at a sweet old woman's windows. Well, she wasn't so sweet after that!" A few eggs splattered onto Kit's front window, leaving green trails of slime on the glass as they descended. "Haha, oh man! I had one of my candy corn golems smash through this one guy's living room wall. I offered to fix it afterward, but he just yelled at me, so I left." Kit looked toward he living room wall and paused. After a few seconds her wall suddenly exploded outward. A candy corn golem strode nonchalantly away and into the dark streets. "Oh, but you haven't heard the best one yet! I-" Thorn began. "Thorn!" Kit shouted. Mad King Thorn paused, suddenly noticing all the destruction he's inadvertently caused around him. "By the ghost of me! You're right, Kit! I don't need to come up with something new because all my old stuff is still so hilarious! Hah-hahahahaha! Thank you Kit, for all your help! I can really see why people come to you for assistance." With that, Mad King Thorn exploded into tiny candy corn pieces; his laugh echoed and faded into the night. Adventurers! Mad King Thorn paid Kit a visit with destructive results. Most of it is easily fixed or replaced, but she needs wood to repair the golem-sized hole in her wall. Send in 5 planks of wood (any type) to “Kit the Traveler” or “Pixie.5940”!