13 February 2020 Green Thumb

It’s a beautiful summer day in Tyria with no rain cloud in sight. Kit is leading Sprinkle and a cart into the fields just outside of Lion’s Arch to relax. “Right here is fine, Sprinkle.” Kit said. She hops down from the cart and pulls off the crates from the back. “Now, I know I said we’ll be relaxing today so I brought some goodies!” Sprinkle’s ears perk up and he hops excitedly. Kit jumps in-front of him holding a box full of seeds. Sprinkle looks at the box, then to her, then to the box, then to her, then the box again, then her. His excitement is quickly drained and his enthusiasm, gone. “Come on Sprinkle, what’s more relaxing than your very own garden?” Sprinkle’s eyes droop and he shakes his head left to right. “Oh don’t be that way, you’ll see how relaxing it is once we’re done! Now put this on.” She holds up a large neck brace typically used by oxen to till a field.

Kit leads sprinkle to a clearing in the field and attaches the brace, followed by a small plow behind him. “Alright! Now let’s till our garden. Go forward and I’ll tell you to stop.” Sprinkle begrudgingly marches forward. He barely moves about six feet before Kit suddenly says “Stop! Alright, let’s turn around and do the other one.” With second row plowed Kit removes the brace and plow from Sprinkle and inspects the work. Sprinkle looks at the two small rows of “field” he plowed. Each is roughly six feet long and spaced four feet apart. It would have been quite a bit faster, and easier, if she had done this herself.

Kit hands Sprinkle a box of seeds not much larger than her hands put together. “Okay, you plant yours and I’ll plant mine. Isn’t this exciting?” Kit giggles and skips away. Sprinkle stomps over to his row and simply dumps the box and kicks dirt over it until it resembles a large pile. He looks to Kit and sees her planting the seeds carefully, one-by-one, in a line and covers each seed individually. Once done she builds and erects her own fence. By the time Kit is finished, the sun has been down for several hours. Finally, she gets up and dusts herself off. “Whew! What a workout! Whaddaya say we head back to town and relax with a nice shower?” Kit asks. Sprinkle simply stares at her for a few moments and walks off.

In the dead of night a small band of Skritt skulk about. One of them notice the large pile of dirt surrounded by a crude fence and motions the rest to look. “Ohhh. Maybe shinies in there!” one exclaims, and they all hop the fence and tear at the large pile. Handful after handful of dirt reveals nothing. “Grrr. Where shinies?” one growls. “Not here, nothing here!” The skritt fly into rage. They claw at the surrounding dirt and smash the fence down, splintering it into little pieces. Their fury only lasts a few moments, but they left the entire garden in shambles of dirt and splintered wood.

The next morning Kit and Sprinkle head back to their garden to check on it. Kit’s skipping turns into a skidding halt. A look of utter horror is spread across her face. “No! Who would do something like this?” She falls to her knees at the edge of where her garden used to be and grabs two handfuls of dirt. “Noooooo!” she screams to the sky, but cuts herself short when she notices a dirty note in her left hand. She opens the note and reads.

You trick us into thinking shinies here! Now nobody has anything!

Kit crumples the paper and throws it. “We’ll see about that.”

Adventurers! Kit and Sprinkle’s garden got smashed to pieces by angry Skritt and she needs help rebuilding. She has an idea to keep those dirty rats away from her relaxing garden, but will need some wood and cloth to get the job done. Send in 5 bolts of cloth and/or 5 pieces of wood to Pixie.5940 or "Kit the Traveler" to help her rebuild!

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