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Pants Off, Dance Off

It’s a nice warm summer day in Lion’s Arch. Kit and Sprinkle have just finished up a shipment and decided to stop by the Crow’s Next Tavern for some much-needed R&R. Kit sits back sipping on her drink while Sprinkle relaxes in the sun. A small group of blue quaggans enter the bar, followed shortly after by a group of red choyas.

The quaggans grab some drinks and head toward a table, but the choyas bump into them, causing the quaggans to drop their drinks. The loud crash of shattering glasses forces everyone’s attention their way.

“Oouuu! Watch where you’re going you prickly head!” the largest quaggan said. One of the choyas, the leader, by the looks of it, steps up and grumbles threateningly at the quaggan while pointing at the shattered drinks.

“No way! Fooo! This was all your fault, so you better pay for it!” the quaggan shouted with balled fists. The choya grumbles louder in response and points to the stage at the middle of the bar. The quaggan looks at the stage, then back to the choya, eyes narrowed. “Bring it on! Foo!”

All the quaggans and choyas rush toward the stage, but only the quaggans jump up on it. They line up on the stage and stand motionless. The largest one finally points at a random bar patron and shouts “Coo! Hit it!” Everyone looks to this guy like he’s about to do something, but he just shrinks in his chair and takes a large gulp from his drink. The quaggans take that as their queue and begin dancing.

As if they had rehearsed this exact scenario, they all dance in coordination with each other, like a boy band from the 90s. They bounce their chubby little bodies and flail their tiny arms and legs to inaudible music. One sound can be heard above all others: that of Sprinkle getting excited and hopping around. As the dance concludes, the lead quaggan does back flip and pirouettes toward the crowd, and then they all freeze.

A few people in the bar clap out of sync as the quaggans leave the stage. It was the choyas’ turn to shine. They line up just like the quaggans did and the lead choya points to the same guy and gurgles loudly; everyone looks at him again, but he just shrugs and shakes his head. The choyas begin dancing, if it can be called that. None of them were nearly as coordinated as the quaggans and they all looked like they were just shaking bottles of water while waving their arms.

This went on for several minutes until Sprinkle, in his rousing excitement, rushed toward the stage. Sprinkle barreled through the bar, knocking over drinks, tables, chairs and other patrons. The choyas screamed and ran off the stage and Sprinkle jumped up. Sprinkles started his own style of dance, which was just him bouncing up and down on his front hooves. Sprinkle finally looked around and noticed the damage he caused, spotting a very angry bartender and Kit just laughing really hard.

Adventurers! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Kit has to pay back the bartender for all the drinks Sprinkle destroyed! Send in 5 bottles of alcohol to Kit the Traveler or Pixie.5940. Please remember to only send in the items one time to receive the quest reward. If you think I did not receive it, send me a message and I will check for you.

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