Check below the contest for the new story! Kit The Traveler is hosting a legendary give-away for NA & EU! This contest will last the entire year! On December 24th I will give away 20 legendary weapons to lucky contestents. 5 will be given away on Twitch through my channel, 5 on Reddit, 5 on Twitter, and 5 on the official Guild Wars 2 forums. Upon entering, be sure to use a valid e-mail address and, in the "Full Name" field, be sure to type in your DISPLAY NAME + GAME ID (ex: User.1234) as well as your in-game character name. Please ensure your account name and ID are correct, otherwise I will not be able to send you your prize! You may enter through each method, but you can only win once! If you would like to watch my journey of making them be sure to follow me at I will be streaming throughout the year. If not, just follow me on twitter @KitTheTraveler for up-to-date screenies monthly! If you would like to help the creation of this contest, I would greatly appreciate any of the following: T6 mats, Ectos, or Mystic Coins. Please do not send gold because it will gold cap my mail and mess up any events I have in between. My display name is Pixie.5940 or you can use "Kit The Traveler". I understand this contest will last a very long time, so please be sure to check back at least once a month on Twitter @KitTheTraveler or on Entries to the contest end on December 1, 2018. The winners will be announced on 24 December, 2018! Update I've been asked some good questions that I feel should have their answers displayed publicly to prevent confusion. Here are some that I've been asked so far: Q) won't let me sign up, saying my e-mail is in use. A) I've run into this issue while testing the contest. Do not create a account; this is unnecessary. Doing so will not allow you to use your associated e-mail address to enter the contest. Using a different e-mail address will fix this. Q) Why do you need so much information from us? A) We need this so we can guarantee the correct winners get the Legendary Weapons. The last time I ran a contest someone made an account (on Reddit) that was very similar to the actual winner's name and he was given the prize by mistake. It took me a rather long time to re-create that legendary item and give it to the actual winner. This contest is significantly larger in scope, so I want to avoid any of those issues. New Story - Mount Wash Kit has decided to open up a mount-washing station in Lion’s Arch. Normally she wouldn’t need to do something like this, but her transport business has been rather slow lately and she kind of spent way too much money on the ecto gambling machine a couple weeks ago. However, Kit knew she wouldn’t be able to do this alone, so she enlisted the help of two companions: Watson and Chester “Ironbrow” Crusoe. Watson didn’t really have a choice in the matter, being Kit’s employee and all, but Ironbrow required a little bit of coaxing. “I just don’t see how this would help me, Kit. I’m a warrior, not a servant!” Ironbrow exclaimed. “Look, we all have to do things we don’t want to do. That’s a large part of becoming a “hero”, Chester. In fact, it’s most of what we do. You need to be active in the community in order to earn any sort of notoriety.” Kit countered. Ironbrow leaned back in his chair and thumbed his chin. After a moment of thought he nodded his head. “You are correct, of course. How could I expect people to love me if they cannot relate to me? I’ll do it!” With Ironbrow and Watson helping with the wash, Kit should have no problem keeping up with customers’ demands. Watson showed up first, hauling a small cart of cloth, buckets, soaps and various shampoos. He and Kit set up a tall sign that simply read “Mount Wash”. Afterward, Watson began to set up the station itself while Kit spoke to any nearby traveler riding a mount. There were quite a few out now that summer has arrived. Some rode large dog-like creatures, ferocious-looking raptors, and even what looked like a giant bunny. Many travelers were in the city, but few were actually interested in such a service. Watson worked tirelessly sponging scales, brushing fur and cleaning feathers of the griffons some customers rode. Finally, Ironbrow strode into the station suited in his plate armor minus the helmet. “What in the world?” Kit said. “Why are you wearing all of your gear?” “How will people recognize my heroic deeds if they don’t know what my armor looks like?” Ironbrow answered. “Well I guess you can wear it if you really want to, but it’s rather hot out today and you’ll be working most of the day.” Ironbrow waved her worries away. “Nonsense, I wear this armor all the time. Sometimes even in my sleep! I’ll get those horses cleaned no problem.” “Okay then.” Kit said with marked sarcasm. She returned to her duties of catching customers. Watson threw Ironbrow a wet rag and a bottle of shampoo. “There’s your first customer, ‘hero’.” Watson pointed at a large alien-esque creature hovering above the ground. It more closely resembled a manta ray than anything else Ironbrow had ever seen. His resolve was wiped clean from his face. “Wha- but how am I supposed to clean ‘that’!” Ironbrow asked incredulously. “Figure it out, hero! What? You thought you were cleaning only horses today?” Watson shouted as he walked to his side of the station. Ironbrow, now more determined to show up Watson than anything else, strode determinedly toward the manta ray creature. After what felt like forever, the task was finally complete. The creature glistened in the sunlight and was smooth to the touch. The customer who brought it in was incredibly happy with the result and gave a nice tip to Ironbrow. Watson notices this and consequently doubles his efforts to please customers. “Phew!” Ironbrow exclaimed. “Perhaps wearing this armor really wasn’t such a good idea.” He decided to remove his chest and arm pieces and stretched. Standing seven and a half feet tall with the muscles to boot, it’s no wonder being a warrior comes so easily to him. Shortly after changing his attire he started getting many more customers than Watson. They even decided to stick around and watch him work instead of wandering into the market like most have been doing. Not one to be one-upped, Watson decides to do the same, but adds his own charm to it. Standing just under 6 feet with lean muscles of his own, he’s certainly no push-over. Watson decided to “nonchalantly” flex while he worked, drawing attention of customers from Ironbrow. Ironbrow narrowed his eyes at Watson and doubled his own work efforts while also “nonchalantly” flexing. This back-and-forth went on for hours. More and more customers pooled in, and more and more customers left happy with the work Watson and Ironbrow have done, leaving a large amount of tips as well. Kit stood awestruck at what was happening. There are way more customers than she had anticipated. While this is great news, this also means she’ll run out of supplies faster as well. “This is quite the commotion you’ve caused, Miss Yakkington.” Kit turned to the direction of the voice to see Lord Faren approaching. “What a pleasant surprise, Lord Faren.” Kit said. “My little venture got a little more popular than I had anticipated and I’m afraid I may run out of clean cloth before the day ends.” “A predicament, indeed.” Lord Faren responded. “What say I cause a small distraction? That should give you ample time to procure some more, right?” Kit turned back to Watson and Ironbrow furiously cleaning and flexing. “That’s a great idea-” Kit turned back to Lord Faren as she spoke and caught herself mid-sentence. He had already stripped down to his iconic red underwear and was walking toward the mass of customers. “It’s settled, then!” Lord Faren proclaimed. Kit could only watch in awe as Lord Faren immediately stole the show when he also began to wash a customer’s mount. Watson and Ironbrow could only watch jealously as Lord Faren stole all their attention. Adventurers! Kit is running low on clean cloth to run her little “Mount Wash” stand. Send in 5 pieces of cloth (any kind) to Kit the Traveler or Pixie.5940.