17 August 2018 Check below the contest for the new story! Kit The Traveler is hosting a legendary give-away for NA & EU! This contest will last the entire year! On December 24th I will give away 20 legendary weapons to lucky contestents. 5 will be given away on Twitch through my channel, 5 on Reddit, 5 on Twitter, and 5 on the official Guild Wars 2 forums. Upon entering, be sure to use a valid e-mail address and, in the "Full Name" field, be sure to type in your DISPLAY NAME + GAME ID (ex: User.1234) as well as your in-game character name. Please ensure your account name and ID are correct, otherwise I will not be able to send you your prize! You may enter through each method, but you can only win once! If you would like to watch my journey of making them be sure to follow me at twitch.tv/kitthetraveler. I will be streaming throughout the year. If not, just follow me on twitter @KitTheTraveler for up-to-date screenies monthly! If you would like to help the creation of this contest, I would greatly appreciate any of the following: T6 mats, Ectos, or Mystic Coins. Please do not send gold because it will gold cap my mail and mess up any events I have in between. My display name is Pixie.5940 or you can use "Kit The Traveler". I understand this contest will last a very long time, so please be sure to check back at least once a month on Twitter @KitTheTraveler or on Twitch.tv/KitTheTraveler. Entries to the contest end on December 1, 2018. The winners will be announced on 24 December, 2018! Update I've been asked some good questions that I feel should have their answers displayed publicly to prevent confusion. Here are some that I've been asked so far: Q) Gleam.io won't let me sign up, saying my e-mail is in use. A) I've run into this issue while testing the contest. Do not create a Gleam.io account; this is unnecessary. Doing so will not allow you to use your associated e-mail address to enter the contest. Using a different e-mail address will fix this. Q) Why do you need so much information from us? A) We need this so we can guarantee the correct winners get the Legendary Weapons. The last time I ran a contest someone made an account (on Reddit) that was very similar to the actual winner's name and he was given the prize by mistake. It took me a rather long time to re-create that legendary item and give it to the actual winner. This contest is significantly larger in scope, so I want to avoid any of those issues. Miracle Juice The sun stands defiantly in the sky, scorching everything in sight. “Woo! The sun sure is mad today.” Kit complained. “Ugh, I’m so tired!” Sprinkle looks at Kit incredulously as if to say, “Are you for real?” “Hey, don’t give me that look. I wasn’t built to haul things around!” Kit retorted. Sprinkle rolled his eyes in response and went back to pulling the cart. Just over the next crest, however, an Asuran stood behind a makeshift merchant stand. His eyes were half-closed, but he wore a wide, brimming smile. “Well hey there, travelers! Feeling thirsty? Tired? Exhausted?” the merchant said as they approached. “Yeah, actually, how did you know?” Kit answered. “Call it a hunch. I have the perfect thing for you! See this jug of water?” “Yes! Can I have some?” “No, the demonstration isn’t over yet. Now watch as I turn this water into delicious lemonade!” He opens a jar of powder, dumps a liberal amount into the jug, and then stirs it for just a bit before pouring it into a glass and handing it to Kit. “This is my own invention. I was able to create a special type of lemonade that will rejuvenate your body. After just one cup you’ll feel as if you’ve slept for 12 hours!” Kit takes a suspicious sip of the lemonade to test. Her eyes shoot open in delight and she gulps the whole thing down. “Wow, that’s actually really good! So when do I start feeling bet-” Kit stops and suddenly closes her eyes. After a few seconds she re-opens them and continues her sentence, “Anyway, when do I start feeling better?” Sprinkle is standing over her and breathing heavily into her face. After a few seconds of confusion Kit realizes she was actually laying down on the ground with the cup still firmly in her hand. She shoots up to her feet and shouts, “Wow, I feel great! Hey, can I get some more lemonade?” She turns toward the merchant, but he’s gone. Even more curious is that his shop is all smashed up, but a couple boxes of his special lemonade remain intact. “Well, that’s odd. Oh well, no sense in letting this go to waste.” Kit loads the boxes onto the cart and she and Sprinkle continue on to Lion’s Arch. Upon reaching the entrance to Lion’s Arch Kit suddenly forms an idea. She can make her own lemonade stand and sell this stuff to weary travelers. It made me feel great, so why not ‘share’ this with others? She thought. Before even entering the city she set up her own little makeshift shack using her own delivery boxes as a table. The pitch was simple: drink this lemonade and suddenly feel great! It wasn’t long before people lined up for some fresh lemonade, though most didn’t believe nor care about the whole “rejuvenation” aspect of it all. The sales were going incredibly well for the first few minutes, but something unexpected happened shortly after. People started dropping to the ground like sacks of potatoes! Kit ran over to check on them and soon realized they were just sleeping. Thinking back, she realized that must have been what happened to her as well. “I just need to wake them up.” Kit says to herself. She runs over to her cart for more water, but she used it all to make the lemonade. “I can’t pour the lemonade on them since that might make it worse, but I can’t just leave them here either. Oh, what am I going to do?” Adventurers! Kit apparently sold sleeping medicine masquerading as lemonade to passersby. It would be irresponsible to leave them here, so she’ll need some help. Turn in 5 jugs of water to “Kit the Traveler” or Pixie.5940!