28 March 2019 A new story has dropped! Read below.


Kit yawns and stretches as she gets out of bed in the middle of the night. Slowly and sleepily she heads to her kitchen and grabs a glass of water. On her way back to her bedroom her attention is caught by a clanging sound coming from the warehouse just outside the window. Curious, Kit walks outside to check it out. As she inches her way toward the warehouse flashes of bright light emit from the doorway. Kit pokes her head around the door to spy on whoever is making noise.

“Sprinkle?” Kit says loudly.

“Uh oh!” Startled, Sprinkle drops his welding torch on the floor.

“Sprinkle, you can talk?” Kit said. Sprinkle stood staring for a few moments.

“Moo?” Sprinkle feigned.

“No, don’t ‘moo’ me. I heard you talk!” Kit pressed Sprinkle.

(Imitation British Accent) “Oh, fine, you found me out! Yes, of course I can talk. I can do a great many things,” Sprinkle said.

“Does that include building this thing? Also, what’s with the accent?” Kit nodded toward the large golem standing next to Sprinkle. It looks to be nearly complete.

(Imitation British Accent) “Yes, indeed it does. Also, I don’t know what you’re talking about; this is how I normally sound,” Sprinkle explained.

“That can’t possibly be how you normally sound. We haven’t even been any place where the locals talk like that!”

(No Accent) “Alright, fine! I didn’t want you finding out who I was, so I used a made-up accent to throw you off. Well, now that the charade is over I suppose there’s no harm in coming clean. That ‘thing’ is my ticket to power! This new golem will grant me the power I deserve so that I may rule this world!”

“No way, Sprinkle, I can’t let you do that!” Kit says as she begins to move toward the golem.

“On the contrary, you’ll actually be helping me finish it. As you see, it’s nearly complete. I just need a few more materials.”

“I’ll never help you or your plan for world domination!” Kit shouts.

Sprinkles pulls out a ray gun, points it at Kit and says, “I’m afraid I must insist.”

“OK, maybe I can help a little.”

Adventurers! Mr. Sprinkle has a plan for world Domination and is forcing Kit to help him complete his golem. Who knows what’ll happen if she can’t find the materials. Send in 5 pieces of ore or 5 pieces of wood (any kind will do) to Pixie.5940 or “Kit the Traveler” to help!