13 February 2020 The Bleeding Heart of a Yak

Carefully, gingerly Mr. Sprinkle lifts his hoof and slowly brings it down into the small pile. It makes a slow squishing sound as he puts all his weight onto it. Sprinkle inspects his handiwork and snorts in success. His masterpiece is finally complete! “What’cha doin’ over there Sprinkle?” a mysterious voice asks.

Sprinkle whips around in surprise to see Kit was standing behind him. She peers around Sprinkle to check out what he’s been doing. It turns out Sprinkle has been making cakes using “borrowed” whipped cream combined with some grass and moss. “Aww, you’ve been making cakes? So that’s where my whip topping went!” Kit said.

She walked around him to inspect his handiwork. Most of the cakes were just a combined into a mass pile, but Sprinkle’s latest creation stood out: it looked like it was actually well-made; at least as well made a pile of grass and cream could be made, and with a cute little impression of his hoof in the middle. “Ooooh Sprinkle’s shooting for a girlfriend!” Kit teased. Sprinkle blushed heavily, and Kit didn’t even know yaks were capable of doing that. “I’ll tell you what. How about I help you make the best cake she can’t help but love!”

Adventurers! Kit needs some help creating a cake that will make a yak fall in love. Send in 5 pieces of cake toppings (get creative!) to Kit the Traveler or Pixie.5940.

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